Tao-Well Catalog

This is it! If you have a passion for fitness and are looking for a way to: warm-up, stretch, strengthen, condition, coordinate, balance, & recover - with only one product - this is it.

"Its Simplicity Belies its Possibilities!" You can use the Tao-Well anywhere. There is no need to be confined to a machine or have to sign up for expensive gym memberships to address all components of fitness. The Tao-Well and the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workouts provide a very comprehensive way to engage in a variety of fitness regimens with natural and functional movements. And, all of these workouts can be performed almost anywhere: at home, in the office, where ever you travel, indoors or outdoors.

 Tao-Well: Rip-Stop Cotton-Canvas Tao-Well

 Our all-terrain, rip-stop, cotton-canvas Tao-Well. Perfect for all workouts indoors or outdoors. Great for camping & travel.