Tao Well: Live-Well, Train-Well, Rehab-Well - Anywhere!

Check Out Tom Held from JS online covering the Tao-Well and F.I.S.T. workout  http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/lifestyle/101832588.html

Press Release: The Tao-Well product & program was granted a United States patent on July 6th 2010 (#7749146 B2).  This patent recognizes the uniqueness and comprehensive of the Tao-Well to help people train-well and rehab-well.

This is it! With the Tao-Well you can address all components of fitness anywhere to maintain or improve your functional strength, flexibility, & overall fitness.  Consider this workout the ultimate  cross-training routine to help you: 

Run-Well - Bike-Well - Ski-Well



Age-Well & Rehab-Well