Qigong F.I.T.

(F.I.T.) Focused Integrative Training and Therapy

Qigong means "Vital Energy Training". It is a the quintessential mind-body exercise that is used within Traditional Chinese Medicine. The modern day term evolved out of ancient Dao Yin exercises that have been used for thousands of years to maintain or improve physical and emotional health, functional fitness, and overall wellbeing. 

Studies now support the use of Qigong and Tai Chi in a variety of clinical settings including physical therapy, cardiology, oncology, and for improving athletic performance. 

30-Apr-16 Qigong F.I.T.

Exercise is finally being appreciated as a very valuable tool to maintain or improve an individual’s health and functional fitness. Why not try Qigong for Functional Fitness?

01-Apr-16 Qigong F.I.T.

People often ask what is the difference between Tai Chi and Qigong.