The Best Workout in the World!

Nov 29, 2010

The best workout in the world should include ALL components of fitness. Too often many athletes focus only on one or two components of fitness in their weekly exercise regimens. Many people choose to only run and maybe stretch, or cycle and then only engage in a yoga or Pilates class. I recommend incorporating a comprehensive exercise routine into your weekly schedule that addresses all components of fitness to enhance your performance potential and prevent injuries. Say you don't have the time. You do if you utilize the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout because it can be done at home, in your office, indoors or outdoors, and anywhere you travel. Use the Tao-Well to: Stretch all major muscle groups, Strengthen your core like never before, Condition aerobically and anaerobically, Coordinate eye-hand-foot coordination, improve your static and dynamic Balance, & Recover Naturally by using the Tao-Well and Self-care Massage and Acupressure therapy. (photo: massaging upper trapezius muscle after roller skiing)