Take the Tao-Well Challenge

The challenge is to find a more comprehensive exercise routine that you can engage in with just one product - anywhere!

Mar 7, 2011

There is no other exercise routine as comprehensive as the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout. This is a bold statement that I truly believe can not be disputed because with a Tao-Well you can address all components of fitness in one workout  - anywhere - by simply utilizing the Tao-Well to:


  • warm-up dynamically for any athletic endeavor with sport-specific drills that will prepare you for the activity and prevent injury
  • stretch functionally every major muscle group in all planes of motion to maintain or improve your flexibility and prevent injury
  • strengthen functionally every major muscle group in all planes of motion to improve your integrated strength and prevent injury
  • condition your cardiovascular system aerobically and anaerobically with fun and functional centrifugal exercises
  • coordinate your eye-hand-foot coordination with marital arts based startegies
  • balance statically and dynamically with a variety of single-leg balance exercises
  • recover - yes you can also use your Tao-Well for self-care acupressure and massage therapy to alleviate your aches and pains naturally, which will in turn reduce your need for over-the-counter medications 

So the challenge has been made. Let me know if you know of any other exercise routine that is as comprehensive, that can be done with just one product, and can be done anywhere. If you know of no other such routine, please take the challenge to experience this routine for yourself if you want to improve your functional strength, flexibility, overall fitness, and your athletic agility; as well as. recover naturally.