Tao-Well: Work-Well Yoga

Seated Tao-Well Yoga Routine

Apr 22, 2016


According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)[i],[ii]  “Sitting too much is a health hazard”. Their findings suggest that too much sitting not only can cause minor muscular stiffness and low back pain[iii], sitting too long “impairs the body’s ability to deposit fat from the blood stream into the body”. This unfortunately is associated with increasing a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


Data from the America College of Sports Medicine[i]demonstrates a dose-response association between sitting time and mortality from all causes and Cardio Vascular Disease, independent of leisure time physical activity. In addition to the promotion of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and a healthy weight, healthcare practitioners and employers should discourage sitting for extended periods.

What to do? Research validates the importance of implementing a stretching program into the work place

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