Tai Chi Fifteen Important Transitions Videos

May 3, 2016

Tai Chi FIT: Tai Chi (Supreme Ultimate) F.I.T. (Fifteen Important Transitions) was choreographed from the Yang style Tai Chi form by Dr. John Burns DPT, MSOM, LAc. Dr. Burns choreographed these 15 movements for the purpose of providing greater access to people who can benefit from this ancient mind-body martial art.

The evidence shows that practicing Tai Chi is a great way for help people to improve their balance, strength, and flexibility; as well as their ability to face and embrace the challenges of life with greater patience, poise, and physical prowess.  In this regard the philosophical message behind the movements of Tai Chi is as empowering as the movements. People of all ages can benefit from Tai Chi F.I.T. including children, adults, senior citizens, and even athletes.

All athletes can benefit from Tai Chi F.I.T. to improve their muscle recruitment, alignment, and timing strategies for enhanced execution of the techniques of their athletic endeavors with greater efficiency and efficacy. To learn the entire Tai Chi F.I.T. form and the empowering philosophy and physiological adaptations of the “Supreme Ultimate” exercise contact Dr. Burns for seminar presentations at www.tao-well.com.

Videos now posted: Click above Tai Chi F.I.T. Videos