Qigong F.I.T.

Functional Training

Apr 1, 2016

Its simple! Qigong is functional training. This ancient mind-body exercise is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used for thousands of years (known originally as Dao Yin exercises) to help people improve their functional health and fitness. Tai Chi is performance training used as a martial art to help people improve their ability to perform with greater patience and power.

There are many qigong exercises with different purposes for practice. QIgong F.I.T. was created by Dr. John Burns, with his knowledge and experience in physical therapy, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, for the intended purpose of improving the function of all phsyiological processes of all systems of the body including: Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Vestibular systems.

Join Dr. Burns at his Mind-Body-Movement Seminars to learn how you can utilize these unique exercises to improve your functional health and fitness.