Tai Chi Fifteen

Tai Chi The Supreme Ultimate Mind-Body Exercise

Tai Chi: Fifteen Important Transitions for Health, Fitness, Rehab, & Sports Performance

Tai Chi means "Supreme Ultimate'. This term is an understanding that people are born with supreme potential (Tai) to deal with the ultimate energy of the Universe (Chi) that fuels the day-to-day changes people face which can be magnificent or quite challenging.  

This understanding is the origin of Tai Chi as being recognized as a martial art provides the purpose of practice. A fundamental purpose of practice is to heighten an individual's awareness of their supreme potential to live more fully in the moment with greater  patience, poise, and physical prowess. 

Studies now support the use of Tai Chi in a variety of clinical settings including physical therapy, cardiology, oncology, and for improving athletic performance. 

03-May-16 Tai Chi Fifteen Important Transitions Videos

Tai Chi  Fifteen Important Transitions was choreographed from the Yang style Tai Chi form by Dr. John Burns DPT, MSOM, LAc.

Videos now posted: Click above Tai Chi Fifteen Important Transitions Videos  

29-Apr-16 Tai Chi Fifteen Important Transitions

Tai Chi: Realize Your Supreme Potential!

Are you currently working toward a health and fitness goal or are you training to be able to perform to the best of your abilities in a sport or athletic endeavor?  If you are I would like to inform you that you were born with the supreme potential to reach your goals. This is according to the ancient philosophers and martial artists who developed the time-honored practice of Tai Chi. Read more...

01-Apr-16 Tai Chi and Stress

Tai Chi: a martial art to deal with the energy of stressful change. The “dance” of Tai Chi is the practice of learning how to face change and with greater physical and emotional control to be better able to confront life's challenges.