The Tao means the "Natural Way"

Utilize the Tao-Well to naturally improve your health, fitness, & wellness

Welcome to Tao-Well: The Natural Way.  Tao means the Natural Way or Path which is the basis of an ancient philosophy, Taoism, that philosophers used to represent that there is a natural way to health, fitness, and wellness.

With the Tao-Well you now have the ability to address all of the American College of Sports Medicines guidelines for maintaining fitness! 

"According to the America College of Sports Medicine’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (2010)[1]: “A variety of exercises to improve the components of physical fitness is recommended for all adults. The health related components of physical fitness include cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Exercises that improve neuromuscular fitness, such as balance and agility, are also recommended, particularly for older adults”. Furthermore, in these guidelines it also stresses the importance of developing an activity plan that integrates “therapeutic measures”.

[1] Armstrong LE, Whaley MH, Brubaker PH, Otto R. ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. 2010. 8th ed. 2010; Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Williams. Philadelphia PA.


Please find on this website the evidence-based natural ways you can use to improve your life with simple ancient and modern day exercises including:

  • Tao-Well: The Natural Way
  • Tao-Well: Train-Well
  • Tao-Well: Rehab-Well
  • Tai Chi F.I.T.
  • Qigong F.I.T.

With this day-to-day information you can utilize natural ways to achieve your physical performance potential and prevent injuries.

24-Apr-16 Tao-Well: Train-Well & Rehab-Well

Go to the Tao-Well Multimedia site above to watch how you can utilize the U.S. patented Tao-Well to address ALL components of the American College of Sports Medicine's exercise guidelines. 

11-Sep-15 Mind-Body-Movement

The First Annual: Mind-Body-Movement Seminar. This is where you can learn Tai Chi F.I.T. (Fifteen Yang Style Movements) for improving your performance potential, Qigong F.I.T. (16 Different Sequences with over 60 exercises) to improve your functional fitness, and the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout to address All components of fitness - anywhere! 

Register now for October 22nd and 23rd. Space is Limited.

07-Jun-15 Mind-Body-Movement

The Mind-Body-Movement Continuing Education Seminar:

Learn the movements and evidence to support the use of Tai Chi F.I.T., Qigong F.I.T., and the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout.

Read more about this unique mind-body-movement seminar and how to register.

22-May-15 Use your Tao-Well for: Plantar Fasciitis!

Using your Tao-Well is great "Natural therapy" for heel pain!

10-Apr-15 Use your Tao-Well for: Tension Headaches!

Now you can address your minor muscle aches and pain with the U.S. patented Tao-Well and avoid the detrimental effects of NSAIDs!

13-Mar-15 Tao-Well: Dynamic Yoga

The Tao-Well total-body-workout can be considered the ultimate dynamic yoga routine because it addresses every component of fitness with unique stretching and strengthening exercises using the Tao-Well during every pose/exercise.

05-Jul-14 Tao-Well: Fall Fitness Boot Camp

The Tao-Well: Total-Body Workout begins this August at Lapham Peak State Park. This outdoor program will prepare you for Fall and Winter sports activities. 

Check it out in this video by Tom Held of Activie Pursuit  101832588.html

07-Jun-14 What's in your golf bag?

How do you warm-up before playing golf.

16-May-14 Get Tao F.I.T. Tao-Well Clothing

You know the importance of following the "Natural Way" (Tao) now you can proclaim it to your friends and family to inspire them to follow the Natural Way to better health, fitness, and wellness!

10-May-14 Tao-Well: Dynamic Yoga

Yes, now with the US patented Tao-Well you can perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises during your yoga routine!

19-Apr-14 Tao-Well: Dynamic Yoga

No matter what style of yoga you enjoy, you can enhance each yoga pose by utilizing the Tao-Well!


07-Mar-14 Travel-Well with your Tao-Well

Going on vacation and want to maintain your fitness and wellness? Go-well with your Tao-Well. Click multimedia and see for yourself or go to:

15-Nov-13 Tao-Well: Focused Intensive Suspension Training (F.I.S.T.)


Now you really  CAN DO EVERYTHING with the Tao-Well. You can use it to: stretch, strengthen, condition, coordinate, balance, recover, AND for Body-Suspension Exercises!

16-Aug-13 Power-Push-Ups the Tao-Well: Technique of the Week

Check out the latest Tao-Well: Technique of the Week featuring the Tao-Well: Power-Push-Ups

08-Mar-13 More Compound-Core Exercises

Check out the latest Tao-Well: Technique of the Week to see how you can utilize your Tao-Well to engage in some more very unique core exercise!

12-Oct-12 Compound-Core-Exercises

      Check out the latest Tao-Well: "Technique of the Week" that addresses how you can engage in "compound-core-exercises" to improve your core like never before! 

08-Aug-11 Rehab to go!

Check out our Rehab-Well page for upcoming info on how to rehab your muscles after you: bike, ski, run, paddle, hike, swim... or whatever you do, with self-care acupressure, massage, and therapeutic stretching - anywhere!

07-Aug-11 Wellness to go!

Check out our new Tao-Well packaging and inserts!

04-Aug-11 Tao-Well: Yoga

Yes, the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout includes yoga style stretching techniques! 

19-Jun-11 Jumping Jacks?

 How do you warm-up? Don't just do jumping jacks or stretch, you need to warm-up your core-temperature and your eye-hand-foot coordination to help you prepare for any physical activity in order to prevent injuries.

28-May-11 Tao-Well: Techniques

 Check out these brief Tao-Well (YouTube) presentations to help you Train-Well & Rehab-Well - anywhere!

28-Mar-11 March Madness

 With the weather in transition from winter to spring/summer you should have a routine that you can engage in no matter what the weather!

07-Mar-11 Take the Tao-Well Challenge

Take the Tao-Well exercise challenge and see that there is no other exercise routine as comprehensive as the Tao-Well: Total-Body-Workout.

08-Feb-11 Imagine Well

To avoid the same-old same-old routines - you have the opportunity to be creative with your Tao-Well...

05-Dec-10 If you are not training...

If you are not training your are debilitating. The research shows the importance of engaging in some type of physical movement activity - frequently

29-Nov-10 The Best Workout in the World!

 The best workout in the world should include ALL components of fitness.

23-Nov-10 Coordination

 What's the best way to maintain or improve your eye-hand-foot coordination - challenge it!

22-Nov-10 Total-Body-Warm-Up

Use your tao-well for the ultimate total-body-workout before any physically demanding endeavor - or just to loosen-up or wake-up when feeling sluggish.